"I’m drying lettuce!"
More Julia Child fun!
Mean Lyrics turned 2 today!


My girlfriend recently got a cornea transplant. Here is a high res image of the stitches in her eye

Holy shit

Dude. That’s.. just wow O_O

I want to move to New York.

Idea .1

I can’t sleep

It’s late. I have work at 9. Fuck my life. 

Will post more later. Whenever that is.

I will get back to this

Promptly. I will write about my everyday events on the kitchens i work in. The good the bad and the shit that gets 86’d.


So much to talk about and catch up. right now is not the best of times since I got work in the next 5 hrs and im running on 4 hrs of sleep after a 14 hr shift. its retarded. 2 jobs, off one day a week. money comes and goes. taking care of business, is a business itself. the most important thing to remember is that hard work and ethics speak loudly. show your a had worker dont just talk about it.

more on this later.

2 weeks left

So 3 Summer months went by quicker that expected. Who knew? I guess I better put it down in writing so I don’t forget half the shit I learned. So after a solid month and a half working the fry station Chef asks what else I want to learn and I point to saute like a retard and he says ok then do that. One aspect of working in a kitchen and learning all stations is that no one will ask you what you want to learn. If you want to work fry station and stay there, no one is going to say anything else. The trick is to pay attention to what the other guy at another station is doing and when its slow ask him to show you how to cook what he is making. That way you pick up on other ingredients and recipes and learn the rest of the menu that way you can work all the other stations. Something that was explained to me by my old Sous but I didn’t pick up on it until the end of my tenure here. So week and a half left and I am learning saute and a couple of grilling tips as well. I’ve gained a lot of experience working here which is great, I just don’t know if I’ve gotten enough from the city here, I’ve been kind of introverted when it came to everything else. I guess I just don’t want to be in trouble should I party too much or I don’t know what other kind of crap could happen if I don’ watch out for myself. I guess there was no party just hard work here, I do feel like I made the best of it, work related and I am happy with that. I may take this weekend and go out and see some more of the beach I don’t know. Just kind of eh right now. Moonshine is hitting the spot LOL. I just need to get back to working right away and getting situated with a room or apt or whatever the case may be because I have about 4 months to get on my feet before new baby comes and I move out my sis house and start making my own moves. If I really need to make progress and change with myself and willing to take initiative on my new life then I need to get fit and healthy and see about enlisting. I think a lot of great opportunities are abound and ready to be taken I just need to make the right changes and take the right chances and get to it.

Things to do upon leaving SC are:

write down menu recipes

write what you are better at/ have learned/ what do you want to learn

where do you want to be in 5 years according to your job and life.

Not an easy road but nobody said it was gonna be.


gettin it